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Brohée fund for young investigators in basic and clinical gastroenterology

Fonds Brohée / Brohée fund

The Fonds Brohée / Brohée fund is awarding every 2 years a young researcher for its work in the field of Hepatology-Gastroenterology and GI oncology.

Please apply to the Georges Brohée prize 2023-2024 (5.000 €).

Deadline for application: December 31, 2023, at midnight.

Information and rules:

  • ARTICLE 1. The «Georges Brohée Prize» has been created to reward the best research work in the field of Gastroenterology in its broadest sense.
  • ARTICLE 2. The prize is biennial. Its amount, determined by the board of directors, will be announced at the beginning of each two-year period. If the prize is not awarded, its amount will be added to the capital of the “Fonds Georges Brohée”.
  • ARTICLE 3. Candidates must have the Belgian Nationality or have done their research work in Belgium; they must be younger than 40 years at the date of deadline of application.
  • ARTICLE 4. The prize cannot be divided but it can acknowledge the work of several authors; however it will award only the responsible author, with the written consent of the co-authors.
  • ARTICLE 5. The prize may not be awarded to a research work previously rewarded by a prize equal or superior to 5000 €.
  • ARTICLE 6. Only publications published in the previous 4 years before submission for the prize will be accepted as part of the research work. For the current application: 2020-2023.
  • ARTICLE 7. Submitted work must be written in Dutch, English or French with a summary in English and include all original articles of the author, related to the work, in a single scientific brochure in the form of a PDF file.
  • ARTICLE 8. The research work has to be typewritten or printed. A Curriculum vitae of the responsible author must be included. The application should be addressed to the Secretary of the “Fonds Georges Brohée”: Dr Ivan. Borbath, by e-mail:, before the first of January of each even year (for the period 2023-2024: 01-01-2024). Thereafter, the number of copies for the members of the jury will be specified.
  • ARTICLE 9. The rewarded work must be published in Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica (cf. article 10).
  • ARTICLE 10. The responsible author of the crowned work should submit to the Editor-in-Chief of Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica a manuscript of about 10 double-space typewritten pages. He/she can do so by submitting the manuscript online at: He should follow the guidelines of a “Short Review”. This commitment is a prerequisite for the attribution of the prize.
  • ARTICLE 11. Composition of the Jury is decided by the General Assembly and will consist of at least 3 members of the “Fonds Georges Brohée” + experts. The decision of the Jury is without appeal.

Dr Martin HIELE, President           Pr Edouard LOUIS, Vice-president          Pr Ivan BORBATH, Secretary

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