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The most important milestones of BASL in a nutshell.

About BASL

BASL is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of the pathobiology of liver diseases for the optimal care of patients.



Initiative of Dr Marc Hautekeete to install the “Belgian Association for the Study of the Liver”, consisting of 10 members from university and non-university hospitals, after FWO-FNRS funding for a national liver research group had been halted.

June 1996

BASL logo was launched

December 11th 1996

Autumn meeting

First BASL “autumn” meeting dedicated to case discussions, moderated by Jean-Pierre Benhamou (Paris) and Valeer Desmet (KULeuven).

December 1998-1999
First Wintermeetings

First Wintermeetings, locally organized by Frederik Nevens (1998) and Jean Henrion (1999).


Spring meeting

BASL Spring meeting during the Belgian Week of Gastroenterology 1999: First Marc Hautekeete lecture by Jean Pierre Benhamou on Intermittent Cholestasis.

March 9th 2000

BASL officially installed

BASL was officially installed with the publication of the BASL statutes on March 9th 2000 in the Moniteur Belge/Belgisch Staatsblad. These were adapted in 2015.


First guidelines

First BASL guidelines on hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma were launched and later published in the Acta Gastroenterologica Belgica.


BASL website launched


BASL is recognized as 6th Scientific Society of the Belgian Week of Gastroenterology


Reached 150 active BASL members


First BASL Liver Course

First BASL Liver Course on “bleeding in patients with portal hypertension”.

December 2020

A record amount

A record amount of 106 250 euro was awarded for 12 research applications, 2 best papers and 1 best clinical case presentation at the BASL Wintermeeting.

May 2023

Launch of the new logo

July 2023

Launch of the new website

Relevant Historical Documents

BASL - Belgian Association for the Study of the Liver
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