Belgium hepatitis free in 2030

Viral hepatitis is a disease of the past by 2030. This is what Belgium, together with all EU member states, promised the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016. However, the reality is different. Four years on, insufficient steps have been taken in our country towards the elimination of viral hepatitis. Belgium is still lagging behind. What's more: if the policy remains unchanged, our country will not even reach the WHO target by 2050.

So in the next ten years, our country will have to catch up. Viral hepatitis is not so innocent. Especially hepatitis C is a big culprit. In our country, according to the calculations of the Belgian HCV coalition, 18.000 are infected and no less than 300 patients die each year from the consequences of their infection.

A coalition of experts, united in the Belgian HCV coalition, has calculated that we need to treat 1.200 patients every year in order to reach the elimination target. It also formulated policy recommendations to reach the target. On 9 October 2020, the coalition organised a roundtable to discuss hepatitis policy with key actors in the field. This resulted in the vision document 'Belgium 2030 hepatitis-free', which can be consulted here in Dutch and French.