BASL Winter Meeting 2018

08.30-09.00     Registration


09.00-10.30    Session 1 : LIVER TRANSPLANTATION (Moderators : F. Nevens, P Starkel)


-How to extend the donor pool? (X. Rogiers; UZ Ghent)


-Viability assessment during liver graft preservation – dream or reality? (Ina Jochmans, UZ Leuven)


-How to treat biliary strictures post liver transplantation? Pro- con debat (surgeon versus endoscopist) (E Boleslawski, Lille and Pierre Deprez, UCL)



10.30-11.00     COFFEE BREAK


11.00-12.30    Session 2: NON-INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION OF CLINICAL CASES (Moderators:  Jean Delwaide, C Van Steenkiste)


    6-8 cases (selected by the Steering committee)



12:30-12:50    Presentations BASL YOUNG INVESTIGATORS AWARD LAUREATES 2018 and short presentation by 2017 Laureates


12.50-13.00         MSD Awards 2018: Best clinical and basic publication 2017


13.00-14.00    LUNCH


14.00-15.30        Session 3 : VIRAL HEPATITIS (Moderators: JP Mulkay,  T Van Wolleghem)


-Reactivation of hepatitis B/C receiving chemotherapy or immunosuppressive therapy (Prof Thomas Berg, Germany)


-Hepatitis B and pregnancy/IVF/breast feeding (Thomas Van Wolleghem, UZA)


-Future treatment options for hepatitis B (Prof J Petersen, Hamburg, Germany)


15.30-1645       Session 4:  HEPATOLOGY UPDATE  (Moderators : C Moreno, A Geerts)


-ACLF: Is it clinically relevant? (J. Trebicka, Bonn, Germany)


-Refractory ascites: new treatment options? (W Laleman, Leuven)





Program Liver course 2018 (Saturday December 8) :  Cholestatic liver diseases


             08.30-09.00   Registration


            9:00-10:30 Session 1: Moderators TBC


    -Pathophysiology of PBC/PSC: Ulrich Beuers (Amsterdam)

               -IgG4 cholangitis: Mina Komuta (UCL)

               -Management of extrahepatic complications of cholestatic liver diseases: Isabelle Colle/Hendrick Reynaert (Aalst)


          10:30-11:00: Coffe break


          11:00-12:30 Session 2: Moderators TBC


              -Management of pruritus speaker TBC

              -Endoscopic treatment of PSC Prof Van der Merwe (Leuven)

              -Treatment of refractory PBC Gideon M Hirschfield (Birmingham)

Fri, 2018-12-07 (All day) to Sat, 2018-12-08 (All day)


AuditoRium4 - Communicatiecampus (gebouw 485)
Sint-Denijslaan 485
9000 Gent